Monthly Themes

While the foundation of We See You, Warren County is to acknowledge each person, it is also about helping them to know they matter. Therefore, each month we create a slightly different theme to help us think about what we’re doing a little differently. We provide challenges and tips for living out that theme. You can engage in these tips and challenges as much or as little as you would like. The important thing is that you are part of this community, and you are making an effort to let others know that they are part of it too.

Change takes courage.September 2022
Respect yourself.October 2022
Share kindness.November 2022
We are all perfectly imperfect.December 2022
You are strong.January 2023
We can do hard things. February 2023
You rock!March 2023
You can do it.April 2023
Speak kindly to yourself. May 2023
You are amazing. June 2023
Stronger together. July 2023
We got this! August 2023