Here’s what folks are saying about We See You, Warren County!

Beth Waller

I remain impacted daily by this campaign. My most recent cool story is last week when I stopped by to deliver a donation to the Blue Ridge Educational Center and saw their ‘We See You Warren County’ window cling. After my stop at BREC, I had 30 minutes before my next appointment, so I decided to wash and vacuum my car (always a LONG overdue task) –I went to the car wash on the bypass and noticed a man, obviously an employee there, emptying trash and sweeping. Had I not just seen that window cling, I am 100% sure that I would not have even noticed that he was there. I would have rushed in and out, doing what I came there to do and would have stayed in my own little world, not noticing he even existed. Thanks to this initiative, I spoke to him and thanked him for his hard work, and we had a nice exchange that brightened both of our days.

Speaking to him was HARD–I literally had to take a deep breath first. I often have a difficult time thinking of things to say to strangers or interrupting people in any way to make even a kind gesture. I admit that I don’t always say the phrase of the month, but I’ve had to give myself permission to feel proud even when I take the time to consciously smile or say ANYTHING to a stranger. Participating in the ‘We See You’ campaign is really a shocking experience and is making me aware of my need to be more present throughout the day and give/receive presents by engaging with strangers when our paths cross. It’s also teaching me to be kind to myself when I get caught up in life and forget to do so, so that I can forgive myself and try again rather than give up altogether, using every day, every interaction, as a way to show up in the way I want to, spreading loving gestures to ALL, not just some.

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